“Safety for Seniors – Peace of Mind for their Families”
The FREE and revolutionary solution
for family members that cannot be present when
their senior loved one interacts with a service provider.

Who We Help

Our main goal is to fill a communication void typically found when companies or medical professionals are providing services to an exceptional group of people: senior citizens, handicapped individuals and those with special needs. We caringly call this exceptional group “loved ones.”

How We Help

We use a state-of-the-art electronic notification system that provides family members, or those with an interest in the well being of a loved one, a signal once a service provider has safely and successfully interacted with a loved one. The signal can be sent to a smart phone, tablet or computer.

What We Do

Our business at Safety Notice is very straightforward. We deliver communication for those who cannot.

Our Affiliates

The companies and medical professionals that use the Safety Notice communication system in their everyday course of business are leaders in their industry. They provide Safety Notice as a FREE SERVICE to all loved ones and family members.
Caring for an aging citizen, handicapped individual,
or one with special needs, is challenging.
The fact is family members simply cannot be present every time a medical professional appointment, home health aide visit or transport of a loved one occurs. Not being there to see what transpires can be very stressful on the family. Simply stated, Safety Notice is security for loved ones and peace of mind for family members.

Safety Notice is a technologically-advanced system designed to deliver superior communication between family members and providers rendering services to loved ones. Thoughts such as, “Did the van pick up mom on time for her doctor’s appointment?” and “I sure hope the nurse showed up at dad’s house today to help him with his medicine,” are a thing of the past when a service provider utilizes Safety Notice.

The system simply sends a text message or an email
to all interested parties once the service provider has safely and successfully interacted with their loved one. It is easy to use and highly effective at conveying a positive encounter.

Good communication is essential when caring for loved ones.
Safety Notice is fast becoming a key component in the communication cycle. We encourage family members to ask for Safety Notice by name the next time they cannot be present when a service provider is interacting with their loved one.
Home Health
Home health visitations can deliver a variety of services. Regardless of the task being administered, assuring the assignment occurred in a timely and effective manner is where Safety Notice excels.

The Safety Notice program relating to home health maintains its focus on quality communication. At the beginning of a visit, the home health professional electronically notifies family members upon arrival at a loved one’s location. Family members can validate the caregiver is on site through the GPS technology. To follow, the home health professional notifies the family when the visitation has been completed in a successful manner.

With Safety Notice there is no second-guessing whether the home health service showed up for a scheduled appointment. That is truly peace of mind.
We enable family members to participate in a loved ones transport: even when they can't be there.

Safety Notice has a three-fold approach relating to the transportation of a handicapped or special needs individual:

1st, the driver sends family members a notice that the pick up has been made. 

2nd, Safety Notice has a unique tool that uses GPS to enable family members to follow the entire trip on a computer, smart phone or tablet. The GPS technology employed to see the transport happening in real time is both comforting and assuring. 

3rd, the shuttle driver sends the family members a notice the transport was completed safely.

How It Works

The FREE and revolutionary solution
for family members that cannot be present when their
senior loved one interacts with a service provider.
Safety Notice utilizes cutting-edge GPS tracking technology. The system has two powerful tools.​
First, we have a custom mobile app utilized by our network of service providers. For transportation providers, it records the pick up and drop off of a loved one.

Second, for home health providers, it documents each arrival and departure from a loved one’s residence. The app sends a notification of the provider’s interaction to family members and/or concerned friends.

Loved Ones

Loved one enrollment in the Safety Notice system is accomplished through our network of participating service providers. Simply contact your loved one’s providers and tell them to include your loved one in the Safety Notice platform. They’ll take it from there.

If your loved one’s providers do not currently participate in Safety Notice, ask them why. Tell them your loved one’s safety and your peace of mind are important. Then, share the Safety Notice web address with them so they can enroll their business, and, subsequently, your loved one.

Family Members

If you’re a family member of a loved one and you’d like to be included in the Safety Notice messaging system, contact your loved one’s providers. They’ll confirm your request ask you how you want to be notified: either by email, text message or both. It’s that simple.

If your loved one’s service providers don’t use Safety Notice, tell them you want to be notified when they interact with your loved one. Encourage them to bring you and other loved ones’ family members into the loop by enrolling their company in the Safety Notice system

Service Providers

This is the enrollment section for providers rendering services to seniors, handicapped individuals and those with special needs. If the company has more than one location that wishes to participate in Safety Notice, each office MUST be entered separately.
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